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Frank Minimum Working Visa cover is the fast way to get the visa compliance letter for your working visa application

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Frank Minimum Working Visa Cover

Frank Minimum Working Visa cover is the fast and cheap way to arrange your Australian health insurance cover to Australian visitors on a 457 Temporary Work visa or a 485 Temporary Graduate visa.

It meets condition 8501 of the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection's working visa requirements.

Cover overview

Frank Minimum Working Visa Cover

Meets Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection requirements


What's covered?

> Public and private hospital fees

> Medical repatriations

> Emergency ambulance

> In-patient Doctor's fees

Refer to What's Covered

What's not covered?

Refer to Excluded and restricted treatments

Hospital admission excess

Singles: $500 per person, per year

Couples and families: $500 per person, up to $1,000 per family, per year.

Private room co-payment

A $100 per night co-payment applies if admitted to a private room. Capped at $700 per admission.

Waiting Periods

Refer to Waiting periods

Access to the Best Doctors Program


Access to the Remedy support program


What's covered

Service or treatment


Any hospital episode treatment performed in a private or public hospital

100% covered, except for doctor's fees and excluded or restricted treatments (see below).

Doctor's fees

See Doctor's fees notes below

Emergency ambulance



Up to $20,000 per membership

Funeral Expenses

Up to $5,000 per person

Public hospital

Private hospital


Tick Tick


Tick Tick

Theatre fees

Tick Tick

Bed fees

  • Intensive care unit

  • Single room

  • Shared room

  • Day stay


Service or treatment

Below are just some examples of what Frank covers. As long as the procedure isn’t excluded from this cover, Frank will pay benefits towards any inpatient service

Pregnancy (obstetrics childbirth services)

Tick Tick

Joint investigation and reconstruction such as knee and shoulder

Tick Tick

Accidental injury

Tick Tick

Hernia repair

Tick Tick


Tick Tick

Gynecological procedures

Tick Tick

Heart procedures

Tick Tick


Tick Tick

Cancer treatment

Tick Tick


Tick Tick

Renal dialysis

Tick Tick


Tick Tick

Eye surgery

Tick Tick

Excluded and restricted treatments

IVF and assisted reproductive technologies


Cosmetic surgery that isn't medically necessary


Bone marrow and organ transplants


Ancillary / Extras services (like dental and optical)


Hospital cover does not include:

  • Outpatient medical expenses, for example trips to the doctor.
  • Treatment received outside Australia.
  • Treatment arranged before you arrived in Australia.
  • Services and treatment covered by compensation of any kind.
  • Dental bills, even if you are an inpatient in hospital. In this case, the hospital account will be covered but the dentist bills will be an out of pocket.

Doctors' fees coverage

When you go into any hospital (private or public) as a private patient, your doctor will charge you for their services. Medicare sets a recommended 'scheduled fee' for every single procedure performable by a doctor.

Frank will cover you for 100% of the Medicare Scheduled Fee.

If your doctor charges more than what Frank covers, then you will have to pay the difference. That difference is commonly known as your out of pocket or gap cost.

Listing all the possible doctors' fees here isn't practical as there are over 10,000 procedures in Medicare's scheduled fee list. Usually you'd get the fee information from your doctor/specialist in something called Informed Financial Consent.

Things Frank won't pay on

This list of things that Frank won't pay on could make Frank sound really mean. But if you can be bothered reading them, you'll see they're fair.

  • If you can claim damages or compensation from someone else, you can't claim it from Frank.
  • You can't claim on treatment you had over 1 year ago.
  • You can't claim on stuff that isn't covered by your membership.
  • If you're not paying Frank, Frank won't pay you. So if you don't pay your premium, you can't claim on treatment you receive during that time.
  • If you hire equipment (like crutches or an oxygen tent) Frank won't pay for it.
  • If you're related to the person who treated you, or in the same family, you can't claim for that treatment. The same goes if you and your provider are business partners. Or if you're in the business partner's family (when Frank says 'family' Frank means wife, husband, unmarried partner, sibling, kids, parents, grandparents, grandkids, cousins, nephews, nieces... If you're unsure, check with Frank).
  • You're not covered for any treatment you have overseas.
  • If you're given drugs in hospital, there are limits on how much Frank will pay for them. And Frank won't pay at all if you buy them outside of the hospital (like from a chemist). For more information on these limits, contact Frank.
  • Whoever treats you needs to be actually working in a private practice, for a registered hospital or for an organisation recognised by Frank. If not, Frank won't cover the claim.
  • If your doctor works at a public hospital, Frank will only pay the scheduled fee for the treatment they give you. If the total fee is more than the scheduled fee you will have to pay the gap amount.
  • You can't make a profit out of your insurance. So Frank won't pay more than you were charged for a treatment. And if you're claiming the same treatment from someone else too, it will affect how much Frank pays you.
  • If you have a pre-existing illness or condition prior to joining Frank, you'll need to serve a 12 month waiting period from when you arrive in Australia before undergoing any treatment for Frank to pay your claim.

Waiting periods

This is the length of time you have to wait before being eligible for health insurance benefits.
Waiting periods exist to protect members from claims made by those who join Frank or increase their level of cover because they have a condition or illness that may require treatment.

Waiting periods apply to:

  • New members (previously uninsured);
  • Additions to a membership (unless the addition/s has already served all waiting periods with Frank or another fund) except newborns and adopted or permanent foster children where the family membership has been in existence for at least 2 months.,
  • Existing Frank memberships, and transfers to Frank from another insurer where:
    • the level of cover and/or benefit entitlement is upgraded or increased;
    • any hospital service was not covered by the previous insurer and/or;
    • the waiting periods have not been completed.

Where a member is transferring from another health insurer, waiting periods for hospital treatment that was not covered under the old policy are:

  • 12 months - obstetric or pre-existing condition (other than for psychiatric, rehabilitation or palliative care).
  • 2 months - psychiatric, rehabilitation or palliative care.
  • 2 months - any other benefit for hospital treatment.
  • 0 days - accidents (bodily injuries that happen the day after you join or upgrade to a higher level of cover) and ambulance

The above waiting periods also apply to previously uninsured members.

For treatment that was covered under the old policy, at the same or higher level than the new policy, waiting periods are no longer than the balance of any un-expired waiting period for the benefit that applied to the person under the policy.

For treatment that was covered under the old policy but at a lower level, the member is entitled to the lower benefits equivalent to their old cover during the waiting period.

Existing members with at least 12 months membership in total across their old and new cover are entitled to the lower benefits on their old cover during the waiting or benefit limitation period.

Number of people on your visa

Frank Minimum Working Visa cover is the fast way to get the visa compliance letter for your working visa application

Get your health insurance visa compliance letter in 10 minutes