How to claim

Process for claiming at hospital

If you go to the doctors and need to be admitted to hospital, show them your Frank overseas visitor’s member card so they can record your member number. You’re covered for treatment in a private hospital and your doctor can help book you in.

Before going into hospital

The hospital admissions department will contact Frank to make sure your insurance is paid up and that you’re covered for the treatment you are receiving.

You may also be required to pay your excess and single room co-payments. There is an annual excess of $500 per person and a $100 co-payment per day capped at 7 days per admission, if you stay in a single room. The hospital will contact you directly if they have any questions.

When you are admitted to hospital

If you haven’t already, you’ll be asked to pay your $500 excess and any single room co-payments when you’re admitted.

After leaving hospital

The hospital will send their bill to Frank. We’ll cover the full cost of the hospital accommodation.

The doctors will send you their medical bills. Send them into Frank so we can pay our benefits. Depending on what your doctor charges, Frank’s benefits may not cover the full cost, so you’ll have to pay the difference.

We hope you’ll never need it, but you can relax knowing Frank has got your back.